A podcast version of the Better Church Elders video series from The Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning has been stashed in The Audio Drawer.

The Audio drawer is a Baptist NZ podcast show hoarding handy recordings for New Zealand Baptists. Open it up on the Baptist NZ app & website, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

Our Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning exists to support and resource the ongoing development of both leaders and practitioners of ministry and mission.

Better Church Elders was created in 2019 and is a series of 15-20 minute teaching discussions between Charles Hewlett (New Zealand Baptist National Leader) and guest speakers on church eldership. The topics and speakers are:

The Bible and eldership with George Wieland

Eldership and governance with Mel Wilson

Models of eldership with Reti Ah-Voa and Grant Harris

Bringing the Bible into decision making with John Tucker

Maintaining healthy eldership relationships with Jonny Weir

Strengthening our eldership team with Mike Crudge

Group discussion questions, a suggested 'action' for eldership groups to do together, and a reading to go a little deeper have been prepared in a study guide for each recording. Access the study guide and the original video recordings at:  baptist.nz/series/better-church-elders 

You can also open the study guide by clicking 'Read' next to the podcast episode on the Baptist NZ audio and video platforms. 

This is a valuable resource for church leaders, pastors, elders, and those who may be considering the role of an elder in a local church. 

Better Church Elders was originally sold as an On Demand video series. Thank you to the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning for producing this resource in 2019 and now making it freely available to all, especially in the audio/podcast format.


The Unexpected and Utterly Ignored Most Important Aspect of Leadership

with Tod Bolsinger

This upcoming course from Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning includes three fortnightly webinars, starting Wednesday, 1st March 2023. What will they address?: The biggest challenge facing church leadership is not the change happening around us but the resistance to change amongst us (sabotage).

“The capacity of a leader to be prepared for, to be aware of, and to learn how to skillfully deal with (sabotage) may be the most important aspect of leadership. It is literally the key to the kingdom.” Edwin Friedman. This three-part workshop will identify, address, and teach you to prepare for this aspect of leadership that is almost entirely overlooked in Christian leadership formation.

Find out more here.

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