As well as connecting through articles and podcasts on the Baptist NZ website and new app, we’d love to share the stories that come from images. Many in our family like to get creative with a camera and can bring unique perspectives of life and gospel renewal through their lens. We hope to grow a network of photographers and provide a platform to share their images, encouraging and connecting churches across Aotearoa with authentic moments.

Do you or anyone in your church enjoy photography? Are you keen to use your creativity to connect and build up our faith communities? Here is a guide on how you can:

What sort of photos are we are looking for?

Images in theme with who we are as the Baptist Union of New Zealand:

A collective of faith communities bringing gospel renewal to people and places in our local neighbourhoods.

Images could include:

  • Your community / place
  • Your church (not just the building)
  • Events, services, or activities

For some inspiration, possible things to capture are:

  • What is church to you?
  • How is your community bringing gospel renewal to people and places?
  • Do you have a passion/mission/story/news you want to share with the church through imagery?

How to share your photos with us?

Contact our Comms Assistant, Charis Fotheringham, about joining the Baptist NZ photography network – you will receive instructions on how to upload your photos and image descriptions.

What will your photos be used for?

Uploaded images may be shared on the Baptist NZ website, app, and social media.


We will publish photography credits. If you have a link to a photography Instagram or online portfolio, we can also provide a link to support your work.


Ensure you have permission from your supermodels before sharing images.