The Baptist NZ website and app is where churches across Aotearoa to connect, inspire and resource one another. This cannot happen without the input of our creatives, writers and storytellers who can express the abundant knowledge, experiences and stories of gospel renewal in our family.

Do you or anyone in your church like writing and have a story to share or topic to voice? Are you keen on using your writing gift to connect and build up our faith communities? Here is a guide on how you can:

 What sort of articles are we are looking for?

Articles in theme with who we are as the Baptist Union of New Zealand:

“A collective of faith communities bringing gospel renewal to people and places in our local neighbourhoods.”

 Written pieces could include:

  • News, updates, or highlights from an event.
  • A celebration or milestone.
  • Educative articles – A topic/issue you are passionate about or study that is relevant to the church today.
  • Stories of how God is transforming and renewing people and places in your community.

In these different articles, we hope to build up the church in any of these five areas:

For examples of how Baptists are doing this through their writing have a look at our articles page on the Baptist NZ app or website.

Help tell your story with a photo or photo gallery

If you have a photo or series of photos to share with your article, we would love to publish those too! We also have a photography network for Baptist photographers.

How to get started?

 Let us know at [email protected], if you have an article you would like to share with the Baptist Churches of New Zealand.

Thank you, writers, for helping connect and grow our faith communities :)