Welcome to this new monthly column: Curious, by Jo Hood. Jo is the Visionary/CEO of mainly Ministries, an organisation that remains curious as they resource local churches, church plants, missional communities, and Christian schools to connect with whānau in the community through creating joy-filled communities of belonging where Jesus can be revealed. 

We are all called to be a witness to our faith. Some of us feel successful but not satisfied. Others don’t feel successful at all. The mission of God is to restore creation – that’s not only the earth but the people who inhabit it too. I’m curious. What, then, does witness look like when you’re part of a team participating together in a community-facing connection point? 

How can we increase our ‘witness’ effectiveness? 

Witness can be…start where people already are. Phew. That’s less scary when you think about it. Start where people already are. God is already at work. He isn’t only at work in our church or only in and through us. God is already at work. God is calling people to Himself.  

Have you ever considered what it might look like to disciple someone even before they decide to commit to becoming a follower of Jesus? Entering into this thinking will blur the lines; it stops us from feeling like ‘it’s all up to me’. Let’s not separate our faith-life and our secular-life as we join in God’s mission. This way, we can witness to what God is doing in the whole of life and become aware of how He is restoring the people He created. 

A friend wrote in from a mainly music after matua/a parent had reported her primary-aged tamaiti/child, a former attendee, still chooses to take his mainly music Bible to school with him as his book to share with his teacher and friends. This whānau/family have not yet professed faith. But God is at work. 

Flourishing or floundering? 

So…you think this might be a repeat of the title? No. This is about your team growing as witnesses – the team that engages in the planning, organisation, and execution of the community-facing connection you’re involved in! 

When you meet, ask questions of each other:

>> What is God teaching you so that we might learn too? 

>> How can we grow our faith together? 

>> What has stuck out for you in the Word lately that might be a revelation for us all? 

>> Is there a message to share in an everyday conversation? 

>> What do you believe God for that is beyond your personal resources so we can join you? 

Teams can work together, helping each other through karakia/prayer. Teams can contribute by ministering together and ministering to each other. That means being vulnerable, honest, and engaged together. Teams can flourish as witnesses to God’s work within each of us. Teams can flourish, recognising the boundaries of our roles and leaving space for the Holy Spirit to work.  

Flourishing or floundering? I’m curious as to where your team is at as you witness to the amazing Creator of this universe and His aroha/love for a relationship with each of us. 


Photo: supplied by mainly Ministries, from iStock 

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