An update from Co-Chairs of Baptist Women, Heather Ameye-Bevers and Monique Lee, for 2022.

The Queen is dead...Long live the King! The transition from one leader to another is rarely easy. That’s true for this generation of younger Baptists who want to see diversity because they know, from qualitative research, that diversity brings richness, new ideas and a way to reach different people. How are Baptists going with that diversity? Especially when, historically, the male and female balance of leadership has not been great. The good news is there is some progress for Baptist women pastors.

In 2021 the total number of women pastors grew by 2%. There are now 190 male sole or senior pastors, and 27 female sole, senior and co-pastors.

The challenge is we have a long way to go for a male and female balance! Here are some things Baptist Women have been doing to bring about change:

Gender bias training for Carey Baptist College Pastoral Leadership students

Baptist Women have been given the opportunity to spend a two-hour intensive class with the Pastoral Leadership students at Carey Baptist College, looking at gender bias. The wonderful thing about this class is that it will provide a space to help women critique their inner voices. It will also be a space to upskill men and women on how to advocate for women in leadership effectively and constructively. While our Baptist movement has made great strides in promoting and accepting that God does indeed call women to ministry, ongoing work remains to be done.


  • To educate women pastors to prepare them to work as smart as possible within the challenges they will face as women
  • To educate men on how to advocate for women, how to create equal space, and provide a moment in another’s shoes


Baptist Women long to see churches accepting women lead pastors without hesitation, who are free to pursue their calling.


  • Baptist Women’s Online Mini Summit 2022 in October with keynote speakers Christa McKirland (theologian), Daphne Marsden (domestic violence researcher), and Rachel Renata (activist and Carey student)
  • We seek to support women Youth Pastoral Leadership and women Pastoral Leadership students at Carey Baptist College and as they head into active ministry

Resourcing -

  • Parental Leave Policies for women pastors—in the Baptist Administration Manual
  • Resources for local Women’s Ministry, e.g. Pink Ribbon Breakfasts, Paint the Canvas, Create for Cancer
  • Resources for the International Day of Women Service
  • Stand Against Domestic Violence -


  • Tuakana - Teina Mentoring – Launch at Hui 2022
  • Women’s Week of Prayer – Went out to all Baptist Pastors and on Facebook
  • Clusters for Peer Supervision and developing women leaders – resources on the Baptist Women website


  • Women’s History Month & Sunday
  • Leadership Sunday – Resources on the Baptist Women website

International Baptist connections

  • Liaising with the Australian Women’s Board to share resources around the Pacific:
  • Working with Baptist Women of the Pacific on domestic violence resources
  • November 14th World Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer

If you have any questions about Baptist Women, please don’t hesitate to contact Monique Lee or Heather Ameye-Bevers by emailing us at [email protected]

This update is from the 2022 Annual Report of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand, which you can view here.

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