We recently reported on the goat project in South Asia—here is the latest update.

We have our goats for the goat project! It took four days for Colin and his driver to travel the 2,500km journey but they are home. During the trip, the driver slept only three or four hours a night and kept driving the rest of the time. Therefore Colin was able to experience four days in the life of a local truckie in a very authentic way. Although the journey went with relatively few problems—stopped by the police on ten occasions—it was an experience Colin is glad he doesn’t have to repeat in the foreseeable future!

Goat project workers

Along with our established goat herd we have a trainee manager. Jalal was one of the first people we came to know from the local village. He was our language helper and recently, of his own initiative, he completed a computer diploma at night classes. Over the years, he has helped us with the goats. His long-term dream is to complete a commerce degree and work for Freeset. 

We see great potential in Jalal and most of all value his integrity. In the six months between finishing high school and starting tertiary studies, we are training him in the day-to-day running of the goat farm. The intention is that Jalal will continue to work two hours a day while studying for his degree. 

We also now employ a number of women as casual day labourers. They do tasks like weeding, planting, and harvesting grass and other crops to feed the goats. These are extremely poor women from our village who, due to their circumstances, are the most vulnerable. 

It's great to be up and running, and to be helping those in need. Please continue to remember us.  

From: Colin and Tania in South Asia


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