Walk into the Penrose office, grab a Common Good Coffee from the kitchen, and say mōrena to your team on the way to your desk. 

Scan your inbox... Another excited email pops up from a pastor in Taranaki. He's got a couple of young adults who are keen to do an exposure trip to South Asia! A quick look at your diary indicates you're leading a team over in November with a few free spaces to be filled. That should be a good amount of time to work with our Pastoral Care Coordinator Ann in preparing and training the team well for their global exposure. Nice! 

Time to jump onto a Zoom chat with Jo in South Asia. She is stoked to hear you have some more people signing up for an exposure trip. You chat about booking in some accommodation and activities for the team, and some new visa rules that you'll all need to be aware of as you travel. You chuck that in your ever-changing travel to-do's; sometimes it can be challenging keeping up to date with these things! Luckily you work with a global team who are familiar with this kind of thing. 

You and your co-worker, Kelly, are working on some prayer material for young people together! You brainstorm over (another!) delicious coffee, dreaming of some of the ways young people might be encouraged and compelled to cry out to God for justice on behalf of the orphan, the widow, and the poor. You're thankful that God is generous with ideas and creativity. 

You're heading out of the office now (grabbing some Bruce Lee sushi from across the road before you do) to visit Grace and one the discipleship flats. You've heard about someone in the flats who might be a great short-term trip leader, and you're keen to meet them! You love identifying the strengths in people and sharing your knowledge and experience with them. 

A full day- you're feeling satisfied, challenged and excited for the week ahead. 

If you're looking for work that is invigorating, rich, and meaningful - you've just found it! 

Global travel and people-facing work is heavily involved, so if that sounds a bit like you then we are keen to chat.

Read the full position description for this Global Catalyst role with NZBMS here, and send any questions or applications to Ruth at [email protected] 

Applications close on Monday 25 July.

Content by Kelly Enright, NZBMS Comms, reproduced from nzbms.org.nz

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