The youngest of six—one of the only two girls—born into a poor family, this young lady has not had the easiest life. Being sponsored to come to GEMS changed that life and impacted her family.

As teachers, we sometimes complained about this student’s frequent absences from school and her low ability. What we didn’t realise was that her family often kept her away insisting she help other family members. Her family didn’t understand the importance of her attending school, believing she could be of more use at home.

When she was in Class 8, she completed a leadership course and everything changed. She set a goal to attend school every day. Keeping that goal meant having to stand up to her family, but she did it. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength (although she still struggles with maths!) and her family have slowly changed their minds about their daughter’s schooling. They now encourage her and even excuse her from household chores so she can focus on study. For a family like this, this is a huge step.

Our student is currently preparing for October’s O-Level exams, the highest schooling any person in her family has ever achieved. Her aim is to make the most of the opportunity she’s been given to not only help her family, but also to help her country. She has a dream of becoming a nurse, and dreams of providing some health service in schools to encourage other girls to have the courage to stand up and take their studies seriously.

It’s been such an immense privilege to be a part of this young woman’s life and journey a little while with her. Please join me in praying for her future and all she achieves.

From: Carley, a Tranzsend worker in South Asia and teacher at GEMS

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