Watch conversations Charles Hewlett has with other Baptist pastoral leaders:

From Charles Hewlett, National Leader of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand:

Kia ora Baptist whānau

A few weeks back someone asked me, “Is pastoral leadership worth giving my life for?” What an important question. I wonder how you would respond if someone asked you this?

Over our recent COVID-19 lockdown I went on a bit of a Zoom journey and asked this very question to a number of Baptist pastoral leaders. What did they think? While each person acknowledged there is cost to embrace, they all answered with an emphatic, YES! Pastoral leadership is definitely worth giving my life to.

They talked with me about:

  • helping people know Jesus and to grow in their relationship with him
  • walking alongside others in the many different and difficult seasons of life
  • building healthy teams and seeing people empowered to use their spiritual gifts
  • sitting around with a small-group unpacking the grace, truth, and hope of Scripture
  • aiding youth and young adults to think and act biblically concerning the big issues facing our world—to make the big decisions for Jesus!
  • the honour we have of watching God at work in ways that can only be described as miraculous
  • helping the church identify where God is already at work in their communities, and mobilising people to join him
  • bringing Gospel redemption, reconciliation, and renewal.

Absolutely this is worth giving your life to!

Through these short videos I share my conversations with you. Can I encourage you to watch them (only 2-minues long) and then forward them onto the leaders in your faith communities—shoulder tap them and let them know that despite the cost pastoral leadership is definitely worth giving their life for.

Maybe you are reading this and feeling the call of God on your own life to pastoral leadership within a Baptist faith community. I am sitting here praying that you would follow that call and start the journey today. Why not grab your phone or send an email to John Tucker right now (our Carey Baptist College Principal)—I know he will support you the very best that he can: [email protected] | Mobile 021 832 532

Please pray with me that God would raise up pastoral leaders for the Baptist Union of New Zealand.

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