The Baptist NZ platform (website and app) is a communication mechanism for the ‘Team of 40,000’ Baptists in New Zealand, as expressed in and through the 250 faith communities/churches across the country. All of these churches have decided to connect (‘associate’) together within one of the six geographically defined Associations.

This platform is for the sharing of stories and articles, for inspiring, educating, supporting, and sometimes challenging the Baptist ‘tribe’ of Christians: followers of Jesus, in or from this country, who are on the discipleship journey within the wider Baptist whānau.

Contributions of content for the Baptist NZ platform are welcome from anyone within our ‘Team of 40,000’. We have a history of articles and opinion pieces that were submitted to an Editor, and there were Letters to the Editor published in what was the monthly Baptist newspaper. These days people are free to comment online in various places, and can submit written contributions to the Communication Team at the Baptist National Support Centre, which is supported by an Editorial Advisory Group, and steered by our Assembly Council – that represent all 250 faith communities and churches.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting articles or opinion pieces, or commenting online:


Be respectful

Many of the really important issues of our time are difficult or contentious issues. Baptists have a history of solid debate that has equipped us for conversations within our local churches and communities. If you are writing for our ‘Team of 40,000’ Baptists, do so in a respectful, robust and honouring way.

Have awareness

Will your contribution lead to our Team of 40,000 Baptists having greater understanding, information, or awareness of yours and other views? Is your written piece something you would be happy to read out and discuss face-to-face within your current Baptist church?

Bear in mind the great diversity among the Team of 40,000 Baptists: geographically, sociologically, generationally, theologically, etc.

Debate fairly

In a time of misinformation and disinformation, it is important to either support ideas or your opinion with credible sources or be clear if you stand alone.

Build one another up

As the church of the Thessalonians was more broadly encouraged in chapter 5 of 1 Thessalonians, specifically in verse 11: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other, as indeed you are doing.” Have this in mind as you craft your contribution.

Edits, feedback, and publication

Submission of content does not mean automatic publication. The Communication Team may offer feedback to align with these guidelines, suggest edits, or offer a reason why publication may not happen.

How to submit written contributions

Email to our general content submission email address: [email protected]

We will aim to acknowledge receipt of your email within a week. Publication scheduling may be between 1-8 weeks.

Thank you for participating in this way with the wider Baptist family.