The organisations and groups below all come under the umbrella of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand which is the team of 40,000 people within the 250 faith communities. Education, training, research and advocacy is part of our DNA.

Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning

Our Centre for Lifelong Learning exists to provide on-going training and resources that equip our leaders and churches to thrive. It provides accessible, affordable, and quality content from leading academics and practitioners to support personal and professional growth.

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Carey Baptist College

Since 1926 Baptists in New Zealand have been training Christian leaders to bring gospel renewal in churches and communities across Aotearoa and around the world. Our college has a world-class leadership formation programme for those who have a calling to pastoral or missional leadership. Alongside this is a range of NZQA qualifications in the areas of Bible, theology, ministry, and mission. Carey can equip any Christian to participate in the gospel’s transforming work, wherever they are called. The campus is in Auckland, there are regional hubs throughout New Zealand, and well-resourced online programmes.

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Baptist Research

Baptist Research exists to resource, stimulate, and publish research relating to Baptist and wider church life in Aotearoa New Zealand. Since 1949 the Baptist Research and Historical Society has served as a ministry of the Baptist Union of New Zealand with the goal of stimulating research, and preserving the historical record of Baptist Churches in Aotearoa. This is achieved through the Pacific Journal of Theological Research, Archer Press, the Sutherland Lecture, and other events and programs.

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Baptist Women 

The Baptist Women New Zealand board’s aim is to see all women thriving in Baptist church life, celebrating the faith we share. They aim to be a steadfast voice for Baptist women, by connecting, strengthening and upholding one another to be co-workers in God’s Kingdom.

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Manatū Iriiri Māori and the Te Kapa Rautaki team have a vision to see all Māori come to Jesus, reaching their full potential, and positively transforming their whānau, community and world in which they live.

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Children and families

Recognising the importance of family within community life, Baptist Churches have programmes aimed at encouraging and supporting children and their families. Baptist Children and Family Ministries have a vision to empower, motivate, train, and resource churches so these ministries can be effective in bringing positive change to the church and their local communities. To achieve this, the team is committed to providing resources and training to the leaders of children and family ministry programmes within Baptist churches throughout New Zealand. Our Baptist Children and Family Ministries have a national points person and some regional coaches.

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With one of the largest youth ministry networks in New Zealand, Baptist youth work has over 2,000 people providing youth work (paid and volunteer) and engages with over 20,000 young people of intermediate age, high school age, and young adult age, throughout the country, every week. There is currently a review taking place considering the next chapter of Baptist youth work. The national points person for youth is Mike Dodge [email protected] and some Regional Associations have youth coaches.

Multicultural ministries

Networking and resourcing the growth of ethnic, migrant, refugee and multicultural communities of faith within the Aotearoa New Zealand Baptist collective. There is a National Advisory Group for Multicultural Ministries, which can be contacted via the support centre: [email protected]

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