Through NZBMS we’ve been working globally for 135 years with incredible support from many generous and sacrificial Kiwis.

1885 saw our very first global worker Rosalie MacGeorge journey to British India (present day Bangladesh) to partner with, and serve, many Bengali groups. In 1931, we were invited into Tripura by the Maharaja, where many of our team served faithfully until 1973.

We’ve also been to many other beautiful nations including Zaire, Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya (West Papua) in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands, France, Fiji, Hong Kong and Macau.

Currently our work takes place in South Asia, East Asia and South East Asia.

Here, in partnership with local believers, we serve Christ and our communities through evangelism and discipleship, business, education, leadership development, community development, medical work, training and tent making. We’re proud of the mutual transformation that our current, and so many past, global workers have been a part of. And we give glory to God for leading and providing.

One of the ways God has been leading us is in our relationship with Māori–a covenant partnership that offers great hope and excitement for us as people on mission. But we also must acknowledge that our history has periods in which we are not proud, and this is something we need to be honest and transparent about.

This is a journey we are on now, and one that is going to be deeply transformative. You can read about our first step in this journey here:

NZBMS & biculturalism—a journey just begun Image

NZBMS & biculturalism—a journey just begun

The first Mission Council meeting of 2020 included a historic and poignant moment as we met with Te Kapa Rautaki, (the Māori Baptist Strat Team)…

We believe in mutual transformation, so if you have thoughts or recommendations for us in this journey, please get in touch with us over at the NZBMS website.