The Baptist Churches of New Zealand, or formally known as The Baptist Union of New Zealand is the 250 Baptist faith communities and local churches throughout the motu. Our union exists for local churches and communities of faith.

We have divided New Zealand into six regions and each has its own Baptist Association containing the local Baptist churches and faith communities within each region. The word ‘association’ is used because local Baptist churches have known and experienced the benefit of working together and supporting each other for a long time.

Each regional Association has a board or executive elected by the collective of associating churches in the region. Each Association has a Regional Leader who is responsible for supporting and resourcing local churches. The Board or Executive and the Regional Leader work together to facilitate the encouragement and resourcing of churches. The Regional Leaders meet regularly with the National Leader, and with national support office staff when needed, as well as other Regional Leaders. Regional Leaders serve their Association as well as being part of the national team.

The first port of call for local church support and resourcing is usually the Regional Association. Below are the Regional Leaders, their contact details and links to each Association webpage.

Ruby Duncan
[email protected] | 027 455 5218

Rick Pierce (Network Pastor, Health and Development)
[email protected] | 027 271 6077