A collective of faith communities bringing gospel renewal to people and places in our local neighbourhoods.

When asked to describe the Baptist Union of New Zealand, Charles Hewlett, in the role of National Leader uses this phrase: “A collective of faith communities bringing gospel renewal to people and places in our local neighbourhoods.”

He goes on to say: If our faith communities are to participate effectively in the mission of God, it is important they are marked out by four things. Robust leadership, Growing disciples, Authentic worship and Healthy resources

I encourage our Baptist faith communities to make a priority of these four things, through discussion and engagement with these questions:

  • Are we investing in the development of our leaders, current and emerging?
  • Are people growing deeper in their love for God and their neighbour?
  • How might the Bible become more central in our priorities and decision making?
  • Are we taking advice on how to be good stewards of the resources we have been given?

When these four areas come together, I believe we will be Effective in our mission.

I would like to encourage Baptist faith communities to discuss this statement often, with real intent: What might gospel renewal look like to people and places in our local neighbourhood?

Here are three more questions you and your faith community might like to discuss in this regard:

  • How can gospel renewal be achieved in our local context?
  • What things hinder gospel renewal from happening in our local context?
  • What changes do we need to make so gospel renewal might occur?

I encourage you to make these questions the focus of your conversations when you gather together.

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