We love sharing the different ways God is transforming the communities Tranzsend is a part of. Here we feature two reports from Asia.


We like to celebrate with the ‘family’ here at our freedom business. Recently we marked the third ‘birthday’ or our third intake of women. As is tradition, we had banana cake and candles and shared words of both encouragement and reflection, acknowledging how wonderful it is that these women have been free for three years. Amongst the excitement of the day we also remembered one dear woman and friend who was a part of this intake and died ten months ago. This was the first freedom birthday without her, meaning our laughter was mixed with tears.

Thank you for your continuing loyal prayers for our work and these women.

From: Tranzsend workers in South Asia

Clean up

Recently a few friends from our fellowship decided to go to a nearby mountain and pick up rubbish for the day, followed by a nice swim in the lake. Armed with rubbish grabbers, the 12 of us set out up the hill, collecting bits of plastic, takeaway containers and cans as we went. After a fairly steep uphill part, we sat down for lunch. A group of local people who were tramping for the day stopped to say hi. One lady asked how we all knew each other.

The next day she turned up at our fellowship, bringing along her husband and two children too. People made them feel right at home and got their children involved in games during the afternoon family time.

The welcome they experienced seemed to leave quite an impression on this lady, but I have a feeling it wasn’t just the family we met who took something meaningful away from all this. One of the girls in our group took a special interest in this family, making sure they knew where to come, and taking them under her wing. In the process, I wonder if she might just have received a boost in her own journey too. It’s great how just being ourselves and getting out to do something for the day resulted in us being involved in something bigger.

From: A Tranzsend worker in East Asia

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