In this column, we discover more about our Baptist whānau, meeting someone in our team of 40,000 each post. In this edition we are getting to know Jo Hood, one of our monthly columnists who writes Curious. Jo is the Visionary of mainly Ministries, an organisation that remains curious as they resource and support local churches, church plants, missional communities, and Christian schools to connect with whānau in the community. Currently Jo has feet in both New Zealand and Australia and certainly continues to feel ‘one of us’.

What is something you think everyone should experience at least once in their life?

Falling in love with your husband when he becomes a grandfather. That was a beautiful moment. AND becoming so proud of the way your kids and kids-in-law become parents. I love my three grandchildren, but not at the expense of loving and caring for their parents!

If you could be a pro at any one thing, what would it be?

Actually, it fits with my column’s name: Curious. I’d love to be a pro at asking curious questions to discover what other people are thinking and what they know.

What is a random interest that has completely nothing to do with mainly Ministries?

I’ve just picked up crochet again – something from my childhood/teen years. I’m getting a kick out of making clothing for one of my grandsons (the other two live in a hot climate!) and for other people’s children.

What’s the oddest fact you know?

That jellyfish do not sit on rocks because they don’t have bottoms! The song, Three Jellyfish Sitting on a Rock, is technically so very wrong.

What is the most boring thing you’ve ever done?

What immediately comes to mind, colonoscopies are boring. Opening your mouth for a long time while you have a root canal or crown – that’s pretty boring too.

What is your favourite way of connecting with God?

I love reading. Often, I am gobsmacked by something that someone else has written about God. Takes my breath away.

Can you describe a significant moment when you experienced God’s love?

When my husband Steve died, that was earth-shattering. We only had ten weeks to get our heads around this. For the past five years, God has been showering me with His love, especially in the moments when I get tripped up by overwhelming grief.

What is your favourite thing about the neighbourhood where you live?

I moved coming up nearly a year ago. Based on my previous location, my favourite thing is not living on a main road. But what I love is hearing the sounds of the birds. I live in Melbourne, so they’re loud and obnoxious sounds from cockatoos and laughing kookaburras!

What do you love most about being Baptist?

I’m not sure I can embrace the ‘most’ bit of this question…I love being a New Zealand Baptist because of all the stories of Jesus at work that come out of attending the Hui and reading stories on the Baptist website.


Photo supplied by Jo Hood: Jo with her Daniel and Rebecca

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