UPDATE: our call for questions has closed, thank you to those who responded. You can read answers to questions here: Israel and Palestine: Twenty-one questions, part 1 by Philip Church (18 May 2024).

Mike Crudge is the Communications Director at the Baptist National Support Centre in Auckland, and is part of Royal Oak Baptist Church.

With the current conflicts happening in the Middle East, it’s not unusual to hear people talking about Israel, Palestine, what the Bible says, what the United States of America is doing, etc. I have plenty of questions too, and sometimes seek smarter people than myself to help me out.

One of our Aotearoa Baptist Biblical Scholars is prepared to address a bunch of questions we, the people in Baptist churches, have about Israel and Palestine – if you have a question about the current conflict and the Bible or anything you think is related to this, email us at [email protected] by Tuesday 7 May and we’ll see about getting some answers and publishing them here.

Please include your name, and the New Zealand Baptist church you are a member of. Limit questions to 50 words or less. We don’t guarantee answering every question.

We’ll publish this Q&A article in a few weeks in the hope that it will help resource the understanding and awareness within our family of Baptist Churches in New Zealand.

Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps, accessed 28 April 2024.

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