Has Peter got news for us! Peter Foster, Regional Leader of the Bay of Plenty & Eastland Baptist Association, shares his joy in witnessing the opening of Golden Sands Baptist Church’s new building in Pāpāmoa, Tauranga.

I joined in with the celebrations at Golden Sands Baptist Church on the 24-25 June as they opened their new facility. What a place, what a people, what a church. 

From the Golden Sands Baptist Church's website:

“Our church started with a few locals who began to see the Pāpāmoa lights growing further and further down the coastline. They felt that in the midst of this new neighbourhood, God wanted to plant a new worshipping community that would love and serve their neighbours for years to come.
We officially kicked off in a small warehouse on Ashley place in 2018.
Since then, it has been a joy to see our church grow as new people have come to faith and joined the community.
We have only recently completed this new building on the corner of Te Okuroa and Stevenson Drive; that was a whole miraculous story in itself.”

It was fantastic hearing the story of the church up until this point. It was awesome hearing about churches helping churches - association being involved. But one of the things that stood out for me is the amazing things that can happen when we allow people in our churches to run with what God has given them and allow ‘little mustard seeds’ of faith and dreams to establish themselves.    

It is right for us to thank our church leaders and leadership teams, they do a great job. But I want to thank all those people who are in our churches who are absolutely committed to seeing Gospel renewal in our community. Thank you for your endeavours, endurance, and get up and go. You are a blessing.

Our Baptist National Leader, Charles Hewlett, joins in:

Together you’ve created something quite remarkable! The joy you will be bringing Jesus right now must be enormous. His people coming together in unity to create a building for his kingdom purposes, a place where he can be worshipped, and his Word, the Bible explained, where all ages can come together for relationship, hospitality and fun. A hub for initiatives to make your local neighbourhoods even better. A shelter for those whose life is hard. A place of peace. Bricks and mortar for the purposes of helping to reconcile all things to God, bringing honour and glory to his name. I have no doubt that Jesus will be observing you today with an enormous smile on his face and much joy in his heart. On behalf of all the Baptist churches in New Zealand, congratulations for all that you have achieved. 

A prayer for Golden Sands Baptist Church. Let’s pray together:

Lord, I want to give thanks for the people of God at Golden Sands Baptist Church and the community that they are part of. I give you thanks for their elders, for Colin and the pastoral team, for the many ministry leaders and administrators. Please give them wisdom and courage as they spiritually lead the people here. 

I give thanks for those serving you in their workplaces, for those learning in places of education, parents at home, for the retired ones here. Jesus, pour out your blessing upon them for the way they have honoured you with their lives. Help this faith community to thrive with robust leaders, growing disciples, and healthy resources for effective mission to flow so that gospel renewal can occur in this Bay of Plenty and beyond. 

Lord, in the Bible we read, God who began a good work within you will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. May this be true of Golden Sands Baptist Church. We give you thanks for them in the name of Jesus, amen. 

Photos: Supplied by Golden Sands Baptist Church

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