Marion Coote, a member of Lifepoint Baptist Church in Marsden Bay, tells us about a prophetic art workshop hosted at her church.

From August 17th to 20th, Lifepoint Baptist Church was excited to host Grace Bailey – Australia. Grace taught a group of nine participants ranging in age, background and art skills (some only having painted the house walls before).

What a fantastic two-and-a-half-day course we experienced! Fellowship, worship, prayer, food, companionship and fabulous teaching one-on-one. It all culminated in Grace painting “live” in our packed Sunday service. Pastor Simon Currie gave a wonderful sermon, and Grace shared about prophetic art, its origins, her testimony and experiences worldwide. 

Participants gathered with their completed paintings after the service, and the congregation got to look closely at the stunning works produced over the workshop. See photos.

Author and Artist

Hailing from Australia, with a Master’s in visual art and author of the book Painting With God, Grace brings a whole new perspective to the world of prophetic art.

She has painted prophetically in front of audiences of 10,000+ in countries including the United States, England, Africa, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. What a privilege to host her here in One Tree Point and further workshops at Hosannah church, Porirua, Wellington.

So, what is prophetic art? And where has it come from? What use is it to us here and now? Is it written about in the bible?

Prophetic Art is Jesus-focused. It is a deliberate engagement with the Holy Spirit to bless others through visual form. The visual arts have inspired God’s people and the lost for centuries. Years ago, ordinary folks could not read, so paintings, frescos, murals, and stained glass works were used to strengthen and call people to faith and salvation. Today, it is no different – this tool edifies and encourages us to follow Jesus. The prophetic word may be specific for persons, communities, regions, churches, countries, and even the world. The visual artwork may be inspired by scripture, worship, intercession, word of knowledge, or healing, or may explore the beauty of creation and more. Prophetic art delivered with excellence can tell a story or testimony or present a message of hope from Our Father in Heaven, which reaches people in today’s world. It certainly is a joyful experience for the artist to serve God on this platform.

No, prophetic art is not mentioned in the bible. But we and the world are created in God’s image (imagination) for His pleasure. Beauty is beauty, whether sculpture, painting, writing, or music. When God inspires all these things through the Holy Spirit, it changes us and others and brings joy and peace as they “See God” in a work of art.

To see Grace’s work:

Photos: Provided by Marion Coote

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