The Baptist Churches of New Zealand acts as a Local Donation Funding Manager for The Tindall Foundation (“TTF”), a philanthropic family foundation working throughout New Zealand to support families, community and the environment.  We distribute donations on behalf of TTF to projects and initiatives that support TTF’s Family/Whānau focus, criteria, current priorities and exclusions.

The philosophy of the foundation is to provide assistance to heal problems rather than manage them – that is to give “a hand up not a hand out”.  The trustees have a preference for projects that assist groups and communities to meet their own needs by better using their own resources in sustainable ways.  Particular emphasis is placed on innovation, partnerships, links to other organisations and the community, and sustainabilty when TTF funding ceases.

Please read the notes below before completing the application form and providing the supporting documentation.  Your application must be completed in full or it will be returned to you without consideraton.  Applications will not be accepted from any organisation that has failed to meet the requirements or conditions for Tindall Foundation grants.

The application should be submitted in word format, and PDF (if you are able to).  Hand written applications will not be considered.

Who can apply?

As a faith-based Local Donation Funding Manager, we can only accept applications from:

    • Baptist churches belonging to the network of churches known as the Baptist Union of New Zealand.
    • Trusts and NGO’s which have a formal affiliation with a Baptist Church or with the Baptist Union of New Zealand.

Application information

    • Applications made directly to TTF by Baptist ministries will be referred to us.
    • We can only accept applications for projects that fit the criteria set by Tindall.
    • There are normally two rounds per calendar year. Applications for funding is available in December (closes last Friday in January) and June (closes last Friday in July).
    • A maximum of $15,000.00 can be requested.
    • Organisations may apply for funding for the same or similar project for three years, the amount disbursed reduces for each year of application.
    • The same project cannot receive funding twice within a 12 month period (in other words applications can not be made in round 1 and round 2 for the same project).
    • Churches and their associated trust(s) may not place applications in the same round. We recommend a joint decision is made between the church and its trust as to which of their projects will fit the Tindall criteria and is most needed in the community and has critical need of funding.
    • After a period of three years of grants for a project, an organisation is unlikley to be granted funds for another project until they have waited a standown period of two years.

The Tindall Foundation funding criteria

The five funding categories/criteria are below.

  1. Early Years and Development, supporting the wellbeing of children through their early years.
    • Enhancing the capability of parents.
    • Supporting early childhood development, including language and literacy development and social skills.
    • Long term wellbeing outcomes which are parent led.
    • Supporting and advocating for tamariki/children and rangatahi/young people, especially children in care, or the prevention of children needing to be taken into care.
  1. Livable Income, Financial Capability, Food Security
    • Providing and assisting families into stable, healthy and affordable housing – especially home ownership.
    • Budgeting advice and management.
    • Food bank equipment, vege-coops, community gardens.
    • Back to work initiatives.
  1. Youth Development
    • Focusing on early intervention/prevention strategies for young people.
    • Supporting initiatives which promote identity and participation and equality of young people, particularly youth led initiatives.
    • Working to address youth employment, especially for those most distanced from the labour market – eg NEETs.
    • Encourages positive connections to family, community and are strengths based.
    • Services with a wrap-around, holistic programme, and where the beneficiaries are predominantly young people at risk of multiple and intergenerational disadvantage.
  1. Self, Identity, Culture and Belonging
    • Refugee/Immigrant support.
    • Divorce recovery for children/families.
  1. Safe and Violence Free Homes
    • Women’s refuge
    • Family counselling
    • Education on violence in the family.

If your initiative does not fit any of the five criteria and is not specifically excluded (see below) call us.  We will contact The Tindall Foundation on your behalf to confirm the projects eligibility.

Other influencing factors are where your project demonstrates the following characteristics:

(the more factors your project meets, the more likely you are to receive support)

    • Whānau/families experiencing multiple and intergenerational disadvantage
    • Puts whānau/families at the centre
    • Demonstrates national significance and scalability
    • Uses kaupapa Maōri models of practice to improve long-term well-being outcomes for whānau, and place whānau at the centre of the service delivery.
    • Whānau aspirations, goals are the centre of the service and have long-term outcomes
    • Works holistically
    • Focuses on long-term solutions
    • Works in collaboration with other organisations

Exclusions – you can not apply for the following:

    • Core or public health services. Includes initiatives where the children or whānau/families have a health-related issue or a disability.
    • Schools, early childhood centres, OSCAR, Kindy’s, includes programmes, equipment or other curriculum related activities.
    • Sports, leisure and recreation: operational or programme costs, sports equipment, events, trips, competitions, uniforms, awards, camps.
    • The arts; drama, performing arts.
    • Anything outside the geographic borders of New Zealand.
    • Capital assets or equipment costing over $3,000.
    • Scholarships, conferences (includes travel costs).
    • Religious or political advocacy, including proselytising and evangelism.
    • Sponsorship

Donation payments and GST

Payment is by direct credit to a bank account in the name of the organisation applying for the funding. Please provide a deposit slip with the application. The Tindall Foundation is not registered for GST. Donations never include GST and beneficiaries of a donation do not need to account for a donation from the Tindall Foundation in their returns to the IRD.

How to apply

Download The Tindall Foundation Grant Application Form – this is a 4-page MS Word .docx file with form fields to complete.

Please complete and submit your application form electronically to: [email protected]
All supporting documentation needs to be attached to the email as well.

Completed application forms and all documentation must be received by Baptist Churches of New Zealand no later than 4:30pm on the closing date. If your application is received after the closing date and time, your application will be returned and you will have to resubmit at a later round.

Contact us

If you have any questions please email or call Catharina Siraa at the Baptist National Support Centre:

Ph 09 526 0331 [email protected]

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