Sole Pastor

Eastside Baptist Church, Glengarry, Invercargill

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About this role


We are a small-medium-sized community-based church working together to help transform the Glengarry area into a place with many hearts and one community. Glengarry is an ethnically diverse area, as is our wonderful congregation. We endeavour to remain grounded and faithful in God’s Word. Our mission is “to follow Jesus, grow in wholeness together and bring others to Him”.

We are seeking a Pastor who has a Love for God’s Word, a heart full of biblical knowledge for preaching/teaching, and equipping the saints as we learn and use the gifts and talents God gave us to bless each other and bring hope to the wider community. A person passionate about seeing Christ’s church thrive in the hearts of believers and spilling out into the community, helping us realise and fulfil the vision God has for Eastside and, of course, a sense of humour as we may make mistakes along the way.

We would love to reconnect with the community around us in practical ways, which were formulated from a recent church forum on getting involved and moving forward. Some admin skills would be welcomed but not a job requirement. If you’re intrigued and want to know more, please get in touch with us, including your CV, with a brief intro to the name and email address below for the Pastoral role and information pack.

Contact: Christine Harding (Search Team Chair) email: [email protected]